Iphone covers


To cover or not to cover is a very big question. iPhone users are super possessive about their phones and love to show off that classy apple wherever they go. However, if you are honest with yourself you know that no matter how careful you are it is impossible to maintain the phone in mint condition.

 For the ever stylish iPhone users Uptown 18 presents a range of Designer iPhone 6s cases in India.These covers play the dual role of protecting your phone and adding plenty of class to your phone.

You will find multitude of covers and themes to choose from on Uptown 18. We have specially designed colourful covers with peppy designs to make them stand out. Nothing but the best for the ever fancy iPhone users. For the folks who like to keep it simple there are options from a cute little cartoon on a colourful backdrop to famous quotes or inspiring words. For the bold and outspoken we have sassy phrases, eye catchy pictures and slangs.

 Our collection of printed covers is to die for. Girls can find plenty of cute covers and guys can have covers that add to their dapper image. Uptown 18 has carefully designed a collection that caters to every person and every mood.

The best part, they are not just good to look at but extremely useful for your beloved iPhone. They come with features such as shock absorbing bumpers, anti-scratch backs and protection for your phone in case it is dropped. The quality is premium with high durability and for prints to last for a long time.

 Take your pick from this wide range iPhone 6s covers online on Uptown 18 to make your already stylish phone stand out.

Uptown 18- Once you start you can never stop!